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Cremation in Denver, CO

Also Serving Lakewood, CO; Arvada, CO; and Surrounding Areas

Serving Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, CO and Surrounding Areas

If your loved one has passed on, you’re probably concerned with arranging the details for their funeral or memorial service. This can be an important time to pay tribute to their memory and the life they’ve lived.

And, if you’re looking for a way to honor the life of your recently departed loved one, Romero Family Funeral Home and Cremations offers a number of services that can be of help, including our cremation memorial services for Denver, CO, and Aurora, CO.

Person visiting a grave after cremation in Denver, CO

Cremation Memorial

Choosing cremation over a traditional burial doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the closure and healing that can come from a traditional burial. Our cremation services can be tailored to your needs and wishes, including the creation of a memorial. This memorial gives you a physical marker, complete with flowers and other d├ęcor, to remember your loved one by.

We can also help you scatter your loved one’s ashes as another option to memorialize their memory. Scattering ashes can be an important step toward letting go and moving forward. If you’d like to include ash scattering as part of your cremation services, we can help find the perfect setting.

Custom Grave Marker

Custom Grave Marker

Having a creation memorial provides a physical location to visit and remember your loved one by. It is a place to gather and remember a life that was lived and becomes a meaningful location.

If you’d still like funeral service and permanent resting place for your loved ones’ cremains, Romero Family Funeral Home and Cremation has a number of options available for this service too. We have a selection of memorials that we can customize to honor your loved one’s life whether it’s through religion, military, or masonic rights.

Committal Service

Committal Service

Holding a committal service at the cemetery after the funeral is another way to commemorate, pay tribute to, and honor your loved one. This service offers healing and comfort and can complement and pair with a funeral service, memorial, or another ceremony.

Are you ready to plan your loved one’s cremation memorial? Call Romero Family Funeral Home and Cremations today at (303) 433-3333 and let us help.

Design a Cremation as Unique as The Life Lived

When choosing cremation, the options for a final resting place are limitless. Let us walk you through the possibilities as you choose the right service for your loved one.

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